It is the mission of FMS to be the most valued contact center solution and/or collections partner.  We believe this mission can only be achieved by offering a high level of opportunity to our employees and by maintaining an unparalleled level of integrity, professionalism, productivity and profitability in all our business relationships. We believe that success will come only to those who do these things well every day.


It is the goal of FMS to maintain an environment which requires honesty, professionalism and fairness in all matters. We believe our employees are a valuable source of knowledge, creativity and solutions to everyday problems.


It is the goal of FMS to provide an environment which allows each employee to achieve job security and job satisfaction while enjoying a high level of personal and financial success. The success of any employee is limited only by their attitude, aptitude, intelligence, intensity and integrity.


It is the goal of FMS to represent our clients in the highest possible regard. The success of any partnership is measured not only in monetary gain, but also in reputation as well as customer/patient/consumer relationships and community respectability.


It is the goal of FMS to achieve net earnings each year well exceeding the previous years’ earnings. To achieve this goal, we will be creative in our thinking and will be willing to do those things which others consider too difficult.